Food & beverages manufacturers: make quality your main ingredient

Grow your quality management by choosing one single system for completely digital QA/QC. With AlisQI, you can make quality smart, data-driven and omnipresent. Ditch complex Excel sheets and stop wasting paper. Our smart solution unlocks valuable insights and using it is easy-peasy.

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You fill in the specifications, we’ll deliver the goods

Create beautiful product specification sheets in an instant – automatically compiled with ingredient declarations, and comprehensive information on nutritional value and allergens. This way, you can improve your quality management, ensure regulatory compliance, and save time connecting your data with the supplier database.

Cultivate the benefits of digitization

Digitize all inspections in your processes – like for example, production line checks, cleaning registrations, and hygiene records. In AlisQI, you can create your own forms and workflows. Use handheld devices for input and taking control photos at the production line. Through direct reporting, even complex statistics become a piece of cake.

All quality data in a single system

Are you still using Excel or a homebrew solution as a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)? If so, you may often feel like you bit off more than you can chew. Our LIMS software for manufacturing is a user-friendly alternative that comes with a built-in data analytics toolkit. With it, you can add all lab results in a single system. Process microbiology, physical, chemical, rheology, sensor analyses, and any other type of data – from internal and external labs.

Set up alarms and allow the smart quality management software to notify in case of any deviations.
Document Flowchart

Nurture a culture of quality improvement

Get a tighter grip on quality with a digital quality manual and clickable flowcharts. This guarantees no more outdated versions or dead links, automated version control and easy import of existing Word, Excel, and PDF files. Make quality accessible to everyone in the organization while fully compliant with ISO 22000 and IFR.

No bitter tasting audits

Automated reporting and workflows provide valuable insight into audits, QESH processes, and open tasks. Based on real-time data, QA managers gain full control and know exactly what’s required to optimize production. Hit the ground running with our process templates for e.g. complaints, deviations, audits change management, and safety.

ERP interface

Perfectly mixed with your quality environment

Make your quality processes smart and data-driven. Integrate QA/QC into your digital business operations with our API. Our system pairs easily with Exact, Navision, Dynamics, JDEdwards, SAP, BC365, laboratory instruments, SCADA, MES and sensors.

Go live within days

AlisQI is a no-code Quality Management System. This means it is designed to be implemented and maintained by the production or quality department, not by IT experts. This user-friendly approach translates into a speedy deployment, lower costs, and greater flexibility. 

Customers who chose AlisQI as their recipe for success:

”For roughly one tenth of the price of a traditional LIMS, the entire implementation process was completed.” Marcel de Buijzer, Production Director, Royal VIV Buisman

”AlisQI helped us to provide more insight in our lab data, including warning systems when ingredients or products are off-spec. It is easy to adjust AlisQI to your own personal/company wishes. The support team of AlisQI is very helpful and resourceful to find new ways in order to accomplish difficult demands.”, Jan Kuperus, Premix and Process Engineer, DSM

”We use AlisQI in all departments of sales, technical production, and especially laboratory. It is precisely through the use of AlisQI that there is more connection. All information is now in one system – which is very useful for looking up something or for an audit. Accessible to everyone.”, Arjan Kappen, Analyst, Ten Katte Vetten B.V.