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Read what our customers say
Don't take our word for it. Read what our customers say on Gartner Peer Insights.
Join our 1-hour online demo to get a clear impression of how AlisQI could help you work smarter.

Need to convince stakeholders that you need a QMS? Want to test your quality management maturity?

Discover the power of your total cost of quality - Your guide to getting quality a seat at the table
Read what our customers say

Don't take our word for it. Read what our customers say on Gartner Peer Insights.

Join our 1-hour online demo to get a clear impression of how AlisQI could help you work smarter.

Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)
for Manufacturing

Finally a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) that is simple to use, clear and truly optimized for manufacturing. Join leading companies in food & beverage, chemicals and automotive and start using AlisQI today.

The clever alternative to Excel and homebrewn LIMS

One system for all data, analysis and reporting

Are you still using Excel or a homebrew solution as a LIMS? Look no further, our LIMS software for manufacturing is the natural alternative to this.

Having all data in a clear, simple to use and well structured system will boost efficiency in your lab.

And the best thing: with our Excel import templates you can start analyzing your historical data in minutes.


Let your laboratory and production data come alive

We see many manufacturing companies struggling with their reporting and data analytics.

This is what differentiates us from traditional LIMS systems: we provide you with built-in reporting and analytics tools. This will bring your quality data alive.

Never miss out on an off-spec measurement again. AlisQI will detect deviations and patterns in your data. Configure once, sit back and wait until AlisQI notifies you and your team.


Maintain your own LIMS

We are very proud of the simplicity of AlisQI. Our end-users typically implement and maintain their AlisQI LIMS themselves.

Easily build your forms, workflows and dashboards. All analytics and reporting is built-in, so no need to reinvent the wheel.


Create certificates of analysis in seconds

Creating customer or product specific certificates can be very time consuming. We solved this for you.

In our Laboratory Information Management software, you create your templates once, and then you just generate your certificates of analysis, or certificates of conformity as PDFs in a matter of seconds. And if you want, they will be sent to your customer by email right away.


Autoliv masters the quality of their life-saving products

Autoliv, the world market leader in Airbags and Seat belts uses AlisQI a production LIMS around the globe.

“Now we can see which parameters are still capable at any moment, or start to drift.”

Craig Lees
Laboratory team leader Autoliv Airbags International



Browse through our features

  • Unlimited data management
  • Specifications
  • Reporting & Statistical
  • Certificates (CoA/CoC)
  • Calibrations
  • Workflow
  • System integration

Unlimited data management

  • Storage and archiving of all measurement data from laboratory & production
  • Easy filtering & searching
  • Audit trail (ISO 17025 compliant)
  • Add photos and attachments (raw data, reports, chromatogram etc.)
  • Excel import & export
  • Cloud LIMS with access from any mobile, tablet or computer with an internet connection


  • Specification management
    target value + double spec bandwidth (internal + external)
  • Automated specification checking
  • Non-conformity detection & (email) alarms
  • Specification evaluation + capability studies
  • Excel import & export
  • Integration with API

Reporting & Statistical Process Control

  • Statistics & trend analyses for all measurements
  • Comprehensive graphical reporting toolkit
  • Control chart rules (Shewhart + ​your own)
  • Capability studies (eg. cp/cpk)
  • SPC & Six Sigma toolkit
  • Histogram, x-bar + range chart, boxplot, correlation analysis, colour charts, sieve charts, …
  • Custom triggers & alerts

Certificates (CoA/CoC)

  • Certificate of analysis (C​oA)
  • Certificate of conformity (CoC)
  • Templates per customer & product
  • Generate PDFs quickly and send as email attachment
  • Import incoming CoAs


  • Instrument management
  • Instrument maintenance log, with attachments
  • Planning, triggers and alerts
  • Calibration calendar
  • Registration and reporting (incl. certificates)
  • Shewhart control charts


  • Define your own workflows
  • Automated triggers and alerts
  • Custom alert types
  • Triggers in-app, by email or sms

System integration

  • Connect instruments and sensors
  • System integration (SAP, Oracle, AX/NAV, Exact, and many others)
  • Build your own integrations
  • API for master data + measurements
  • JSON over HTTPS
  • Webhooks

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3 easy steps to convince everyone that you need a QMS

On this page, you’ll find all the necessary resources to build a strong business case
for Quality Management and convince stakeholders that you need a QMS.

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