Make QESH actionable by our QESH Management Software

Streamline your QESH processes, automate the workflows, get insights with our built-in analytics and follow-up on all incidents with proper CAPA management.

The swiss army knife of QESH Management

How do you as a QA manager ensure that everyone knows their role? And how do you ensure that you know the current state of affairs during audits? How do you deal easily with recalls and customer complaints?

AlisQI helps you to make QESH processes clear, measurable and transparent. With our building blocks and templates, you define your own forms, workflows, alerts and dashboards. Create your own QESH system with AlisQI.

Optimised QESH-Template

Jump start your QESH management

To let you make a jump start in making your QESH management work for you, we standardized the main processes in quality management.

AlisQI contains blueprint workflows and forms for all major QESH processes. With our unmatched flexibility, you can easily adjust those blueprints to the needs of your business.

Create your own forms and workflows

Every organization is unique. Over time, processes change. That is why we made AlisQI as flexible as possible. With the right permissions, users can create and adjust forms, workflows and reports. All to assure that your quality system mimics reality.

Optimised QESH-Notifcations

Actionable QESH requires insights

In order to make QESH actionable, you need information. Our QESH management software provides you and your team with counters, KPIs, dashboards and alerts. You can tailor these indicators and alerts to your needs.

All actions originating from QESH incidents of any kind are registered and maintained in a central CAPA action list. This boosts clarity of CAPA Management.

Learn from your data

All data you collect proves to be very valuable in optimizing your processes. AlisQI has an extensive analytics engine built into it. In just a few click you create your charts, dashboards and reports. For you, your customers and suppliers. All in one platform.

Optimised QESH-Dashboard
Optimised QESH-Calendar

Keep track of all events and CAPA

With the ever increasing workload for your quality team, smart automation is key in preparing for the future. AlisQI makes sure you and your team keep track of all events in your quality processes.

Stay informed of all open CAPA actions, for both you and your team.

High praise from the ​auditor

Delamine, a chemical business in The Netherlands, implemented AlisQI as their integrated platform for quality. At the first audit after AlisQI was implemented, the auditors complimented Delamine.

The auditors were very satisfied with our QESH system, they called this ​​Best Practices and an example ​to the industry.
Susanne Haaijer - QA Manager Delamine
Optimised delamine-factory
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Insights into your products & processes

Collect all your data in one Quality Control (QC) system. Our Statistical Process Control (SPC) analytics will let you learn from your own data.

Quality manuals people actually use

Give operators access to documents when they need them. Simplify document management with clear flow charts and automated version control.

Live within days

No-code Quality Management gives you the following benefits:

  • Greater adoption: mold the system to the business process, and not the other way around
  • Respond faster and easier to changing requirements and regulations
  • Put business users in the driver seat and allow them to be independent from IT staff

Our no-code software enables you to go live in just a few days.

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