Quality Management Software for non-developers

Looking for a QMS solution that is fully tailored to your needs? With our no-code QMS platform, we empower quality teams to take matters into their own hands.

At ease with the no-code label

When you think of QMS implementation, you probably imagine complex, intimidating tasks. That’s simply not the case with AlisQI, a no-code QMS platform that combines Quality Control, Document Management and QESH Management. To implement and maintain our software, you don’t need programming experience.

If you can work with Google and Excel, AlisQI is a walk in the park. 

 Within AlisQI, you’ll be able to easily define your own quality processes through easy-to-use, editable building blocks:

  1. Forms and business logic
  2. Workflows and alerts
  3. Models
  4. Analytics (including reports, charts, dashboards)
AlisQI QMS Software customer case study | Delamine factory

No IT background, no problem

Limited IT resources? Nobody in your team has an IT background? No worries. We enable quality teams to implement, maintain, and adjust the QMS themselves.

“Anyone who has ever worked with Google can also work with AlisQI; it’s a very simple system, and easy to understand”, said Susanne Haaijer, QA Manager at Delamine. Haaijer implemented AlisQI together with a colleague, neither of them has an IT background.

A no-code platform has its perks

Choosing AlisQI, you’re choosing to be in control. That means implementation without the help of IT, the opportunity to adapt your QMS to your organization’s changing needs, efficiency in quickly onboarding new users.

“I quickly familiarized myself with AlisQI and because I was so enthusiastic about it, I decided to give a practical training workshop for the laboratory assistants myself. This also had the advantage that our operators’ initial scepticism quickly evaporated and helped things to move along smoothly”, said the laboratory team leader of Royal VIV Buisman.

It doesn’t end with no-code 

AlisQI isn’t limited to the no-code configuration vectors. With the API all data, both master data and transactional data are available for external applications.

This allows your organization to extend AlisQI’s capabilities and fully integrate the QMS in the digital business processes. 

No-code system integration

With our Integromat integration, AlisQI can also be glued to just about any service, instrument, or system. 


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You’re not on your own 

Although AlisQI is easy to understand because it was developed with the end-user in mind, we have a multitude of resources for users to learn about the platform and be inspired. Enjoy:

No-code Quality Management

While technological change is accelerating, the capacity to absorb this change becomes a bottleneck for many manufacturers. No-code Quality Management Software helps to eliminate this bottleneck.

How can a no-code QMS advance your Quality Management?
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