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Read what our customers say
Don't take our word for it. Read what our customers say on Gartner Peer Insights.
Understand the level of flexibility, accessibility, adaptability, and ease of configuration of the AlisQI QMS.

Need to convince stakeholders that you need a QMS? Want to test your quality management maturity?

Discover the power of your total cost of quality - Your guide to getting quality a seat at the table
Read what our customers say

Don't take our word for it. Read what our customers say on Gartner Peer Insights.

Join our 1-hour online demo to get a clear impression of how AlisQI could help you work smarter.

Chemicals companies

Make quality your sum and substance

Forget about the pain of fragmented information and outdated systems. With AlisQI, you can unlock the insights in your production data. The unique combination of Quality Control, Document Management and QESH Management will give your quality management a boost. No more fuss with Excel or paper. Smart software, live within days.

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Trusted by leading companies across the globe

Detect any changes that may lead to chain reactions

Easily manage all product, laboratory, and QC data in one integrated, online platform. Our user-friendly SPC toolkit enhances control by monitoring processes and predicting non-conformities before they occur. Why compare measurements manually when you can set up alerts that warn of any deviations?


Avoid rework,
focus on improvement

Data management can quickly get complicated for chemical products with unique specifications. Our advanced analytics tell you everything you need to know about the quality of individual batches or any recipes that need adjustment. With the AlisQI First Time Right dashboards, you have a clear overview of FTR percentages by product group, product series, and individual product type. This way, you can focus on improvement and meet your First Time Right goals.


CoA's with the push of a button

Drastically reduce the time you spend on creating Certificates of Analysis. Automation saves you the burden of manual work and allows you to send out your COAs quick as a flash. This 20-second video shows just how easy it is to generate PDF certificates.

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Quality manuals people actually use

Get a tighter grip on quality with a digital quality manual that is accessible to everyone in the organization. This guarantees no more outdated versions or dead links, automatic archive and easy import of existing Word, Excel, and PDF files. Prevent the risk of serious accidents while fully compliant with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

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Be in your element during audits

Automated reporting and workflows provide valuable insight into audits, QESH processes and CAPA action lists. Replace complex Excel sheets with intuitive dashboards. Based on relevant control measures, reliable graphs, historical data and notes per product, operators can quickly understand what is required to optimize production.

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Easily integrated with ERP or MES

Make your quality processes smart and data-driven. Integrate QC and SPC into your digital business operations with our API. Our system pairs easily with Exact, Navision, Dynamics, JDEdwards, SAP, BC365, laboratory instruments, SCADA, MES and sensors.

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Go live within days

AlisQI is a no-code Quality Management System. This means it is designed to be implemented and maintained by the production or quality department, not by IT experts. This user-friendly approach translates into a speedy deployment, lower costs, and greater flexibility.

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Positive reactions from leading chemicals manufacturers

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Wendy BeksLaboratory Manager, Berry Global
”If you wanted to know something ─ certain data of a production line ─ it took an absolute age but now with AlisQI it’s two clicks and you have your graph.”
Susanne HaaijerQuality Assurance Manager, Delamine B.V.
”If we now walk through the management system with the auditor, we can simply show the process flow on the screen. You can see what is connected and what belongs together. This gives you immediate insight, so less stress during the audit.”
Peter DousmaQuality Control Manager, Allnex
”We now have an accurate and real-time control system. A problematic product can be accurately followed and safeguarded with SPC.”

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