Plastics & packaging companies: discover a QMS that ticks all the right boxes

Make your business more sustainable and lower waste by up to 15%. With AlisQI, you’ll enjoy the top-shelf mix of Quality Control, Document Management and QESH Management. Forget about fragmented data, lengthy Excel sheets, or time-consuming manual comparisons. Our smart solution does the work for you!

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Detect deviations, you’ve got statistics in the bag

Easily manage all product, laboratory and QC data in one integrated, online platform. Our smart, yet user-friendly SPC toolkit monitors processes and identifies non-conformities before they spiral out of control. Steer away from paper-based quality management and set up alerts that warn of any deviations.

Monitor processes and pinpoint any deviations with AlisQI's off-spec charts
QESH Dashboard

Real-time data at your disposal

Data management can quickly get complicated when manufacturing lots of products with unique specifications. Within AlisQI, data becomes accessible, transparent and updated in real time. Ensure excellence with granular insight and easily pinpoint the cause of deviations, not in Excel but on clear, highly intuitive dashboards.

Quickly respond to inquiries

Whether you need to quickly complete a customer inquiry or to check your spec history during an audit, you’ll enjoy our system’s traceability. It will keep all data well-recorded, processes up-to-date and you can easily track when something was changed and by whom.

check the quality in your factory with AlisQI

Save time, save money

Quality Management is all about standardization – standardization of products, processes, testing and even incident management. No need to wrap your head around time-consuming, routine tasks. AlisQI enables you to automate these, so that you can focus on the actual challenges. This will support your focus on improvement and will allow you to do more with the same resources.

COAs with the push of a button

Drastically reduce the time you spend on creating Certificates of Analysis. Automation saves you the burden of manual work and allows you to send out your COAs quick as a flash. This 20-second video shows just how easy it is to generate PDF certificates.

Certificate of Analysis
ERP interface

Easy integration with your production data

Make your quality processes smart and data-driven. Integrate QC and SPC into your digital business operations with our API. Our system pairs easily with Exact, Navision, Dynamics, JDEdwards, SAP, BC365, laboratory instruments, SCADA, MES and sensors.

Go live within days

AlisQI is a no-code Quality Management System. This means it is designed to be implemented and maintained by the production or quality department, not by IT experts. This user-friendly approach translates into a speedy deployment, lower costs, and greater flexibility.

Let’s wrap things up with some customer testimonials

”If you wanted to know something ─ certain data of a production line ─ it took an absolute age but now with AlisQI it’s two clicks and you have your graph.”, Wendy Beks, Laboratory Manager, Berry Global

”The software is easy to use. Simplicity in setting up databases to collect data and very easy to create meaningful reports using the data. Very flexible in setting up databases for different processes in our company (monitoring production QC and QA). All in one solution: LIMS, QESH, and document management in an integrated tool. Rapid implementation, no expensive customization needed. Perfect addition to our ERP. Decrease of paper on the flood. Improvement of productivity.” Edwin Wekking, QHSE Manager, Kompak Netherlands B.V.