Time to ditch Excel! Smart Quality Control

Our smart Quality Control (QC) and Statistical Process Control (SPC) tell you where you stand, and where you’re going. Bring your QC data alive and start to improve

Powerful analytics for all your Quality Control data

All QC data

Live within days

We all know how cumbersome Quality Control can become when the only tool you use is Excel.

AlisQI is the swiss army knife for Quality Control. Create as many forms and tables as you need to collect all your quality data in one simple to use system. Whether it is raw materials, process testing, final products, calibrations, waste water. Whatever. AlisQI will do the job.

With our Excel import templates, you can start analyzing your data in minutes.

Create quality control charts with just one click with AlisQI quality management software
Analytics and SPC

Learn from your data

With our Statistical Process Control software and built-in SPC toolkit, analytics, and reporting engine your data will come alive.

Never miss out on an off-spec measurement ever again. AlisQI will detect deviations and patterns in your data. Configure once, sit back and wait until AlisQI notifies you and your team.

Automate the routine

Create certificates of analysis in seconds

We see more and more manufacturing companies struggling with the increased demand for certificates. In AlisQI you create your CoA/CoC templates once, and generate and send the PDFs in a matter of seconds.

Create quality control certificates of analysis with AlisQI quality management software

How to prepare for Quality Intelligence

Learn about Quality Management in the era of Smart Manufacturing and key drivers of Quality Intelligence

Create your own quality control forms with AlisQI manufacturing quality control software
Fully customizable

Maintain your own quality platform

Our quality management software is typically implemented and maintained by the end-user. Easily build your forms, workflows and dashboards. All analytics and reporting is built-in, so no need to reinvent the wheel.


From shop floor to lab to boardroom

We make your quality control omni-present. All data accessible for everyone at any time, on any device.

This will save lots of time, boost awareness and stimulate involvement. This is what we call Quality Intelligence.

AlisQI, a QMS software that is omnipresent from the factory floor to boardroom

Live within days

No-code Quality Management gives you the following benefits:

  • Greater adoption: mold the system to the business process, and not the other way around
  • Respond faster and easier to changing requirements and regulations
  • Put business users in the driver seat and allow them to be independent from IT staff

Our no-code software enables you to go live in just a few days.

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