Smart Statistical Process Control (SPC) software in the cloud

Collect or import all your quality data to AlisQI, and let our SPC toolkit tell you how you perform.
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All QC data
Powerful analytics
Dashboard & alerts
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Powerful analytics for all your quality control data

All QC data

No more data searching or cleansing

Store all your quality data in one system. So that everyone involved with quality has immediate access. All data is available, sanitized and clean. No need to prepare, dive into the analytics right away.

Powerful filtering enables you to easily create the datasets you want to analyze. Store your overviews and charts in clear dashboards for quick reuse.

AlisQI quality management software enables your quality control lab to work efficiently without using Excel
Create quality control charts with just one click with AlisQI quality management software
Powerful analytics

From data to knowledge

Our Statistical Process Control toolkit will make your data come alive. Tools like control charts, x-bar range charts, histograms, boxplots, scatter plots, correlation plots, cpk and ppk will let you learn from your data.

Automatic deviation detection and automated Shewhart pattern detection, based on the Nelson rules, enable you to wait for the system to inform you.

Dashboard and alerts

Bring SPC to the shop floor

Many SPC tools are too complex or too expensive to be used on the shopfloor. We fixed this. With our user friendly software and unique license model, we make Statistical Process Control available for the entire organization. From shop floor to boardroom.

Easily create your own dashboards and define alerts. Now sit back and wait for the system to notify you.

Get real time info by using AlisQI Quality Management software
Create your own quality control forms with AlisQI manufacturing quality control software
Live in no-time

Easy to implement and maintain

Our Statistical Process Control software is designed to be implemented and maintained by the end-users.

Anyone that can Google, can create forms for data collection, charts and personal dashboards. Hardly any training needed.

Excel import templates enable you to import all your historical data, and make a jump start with your quality analytics.

An online quality dashboard for Allnex

AlisQI Quality Intelligence Software customer case study | Flag with Allnex company logo

Allnex, a leading chemicals manufacturer uses AlisQI to monitor the quality of each of its 500 products. AlisQI notifies the product owners proactively, enabling them to adjust before products run out of spec.



“We now have an accurate and real-time control system. A problematic product can be accurately followed and safeguarded with SPC.”

Peter Dousma – Manager Quality Control Allnex
Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands


The ultimate guide to Quality Intelligence KPIs

Your toolbox in monitoring the journey towards a better process, should contain performance indicators of some sort. The indicators enable you to quantify your as-is situation, define the to-be situation and evaluate each step along the path. This document discusses KPIs for the following aspects of Quality Management:

  • Quality Control
  • Document Management
  • QESH Management