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Don't take our word for it. Read what our customers say on Gartner Peer Insights.
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Read what our customers say

Don't take our word for it. Read what our customers say on Gartner Peer Insights.

Join our 1-hour online demo to get a clear impression of how AlisQI could help you work smarter.
Diana Avram01/17/20233 min read

14 adjustable templates to save time with QESH registrations

14 adjustable templates to save time with QESH registrations - AlisQI

As we enjoy the benefits of automation, we tend to forget what QESH management looks like without it. What if tomorrow morning you had to start from scratch? What if you had no templates and needed to fill out paper forms to report everything? Even more – imagine how long it would take to retrieve old documents from carefully stored folders keeping track of all events and open CAPA actions?

While for some the description above may paint a rather grim picture, others may recognize it as their day-to-day, still unaware of how automation can simplify their work. This article was written to introduce AlisQI form templates – the easy way to save time, prevent double work and make the most out of your QESH registrations.

With the quality teams’ ever-increasing workload, time is of the essence. Smart automation is all about reducing time-consuming, routine tasks like creating forms and filling them out with repetitive information. This is why we’ve designed easy-to-use templates for several QESH processes.

Each form and checklist can easily be adapted within the AlisQI application. Add numeric fields, text fields, check boxes or copy what’s useful from other available templates. Selection lists can also be tailored – so that each option is relevant and speeds up the form’s completion. Preview your changes and save them with confidence, knowing that the form is ready to be used and fits your specific requirements.

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What templates are available within AlisQI?

Within AlisQI, QESH processes are clear, transparent, and measurable. To help our customers reduce time and increase efficiency, we have created a collection of templates that are ready for deployment. Easily share information, track procedures, and take action using:

  • 5S checklist for manufacturing – check, score and optimize locations using the 5S method: Sorting, Set in order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain.
  • 5x Why root cause analysis – get to the root cause of your problem or incident.
  • 8D root cause analysis – perform an extended root cause analysis, applying the “Eight disciplines problem solving” (8Ds) method.
  • Audit Findings – report, track changes after audit findings and facilitate improvement.
  • CAPA action management – delegate actions and involve the responsible parties.
  • Competence Matrix – focus on growth, rate, and supervise your employees’ (necessary) skills.
  • Customer Complaints – understand and follow up on your customer complaints. AlisQI customers often connect this form to their Quality Control registrations
  • Deviation Request – submit deviations and have a clear overview throughout the different stages of approval.
  • Hygiene Inspections – check and score different locations on several hygiene aspects.
  • Near Misses – report and follow-up on almost accidents to prevent actual safety incidents. 
  • Product Deviations – keep an eye on deviations and prevent their reoccurrence.
  • Risk Assessments – understand risks and establish clear follow-ups.
  • Safety Incidents -report and follow up on your safety incidents and prevent them from happening again.
  • QESH Calendar – schedule (reoccurring) tasks, events, and reminders.

From time-consuming manual work to best practices

With ready-to-use templates, AlisQI customers made a jump start with their QESH management and tailored the documents to fully meet their requirements.

Comparing registrations before and after using the smart software from AlisQI, QESH Manager of Lamers HTS Geert Segers mentions that everything is registered within the platform: customer complaints, flaws, audit findings as well as the entire chain of follow-up actions. Monthly inspections using AlisQI checklists are now methodical and timely. ‘This used to be information on templates that had to be entered manually into our system by our department. But now we get the product owners to report directly into AlisQI, so it’s registered immediately.’

Lamers is not the only manufacturer that drastically improved its QESH management. Chemicals manufacturer Delamine decided to extend its AlisQI Quality Control LIMS with Document management and QESH management. Already at the first audit after implementation, they were complimented on their decision. ‘The auditors were very satisfied with our QESH system, they called this Best Practices and an example to the industry’, QA Manager Susanne Haaijer says proudly.

AlisQI QESH management module

While this article was written to highlight AlisQI QESH templates, there are more benefits to be gained. This short video overview highlights the platform’s flexibility and shows how it empowers users to manage events, document procedures, and keep track of progress.

Want to see our product in action and make sure that it can help with audits, calibrations, and everything else QESH-related? Schedule a demo and discuss your case to better understand how you can save time and optimize your registrations. 

In our next blog, we will look at AlisQI workflows, result transfers, and calculations and see how these features boost quality and make QESH more actionable. 

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Diana Avram

Marketing & Media