AlisQI in the news

AlisQI receives second FD Gazellen award and expands leadership team

AlisQI, the no-code Quality Management System provider for manufacturing was awarded the FD Gazellen for the second consecutive year. The company also announced important changes to its leadership team. 

FD Gazellen award 2022

AlisQI listed #36 in the Main Software 50 for 2022

During the 11th edition of Main Software 50, AlisQI was ranked #36 joining the top 50 most successful independent software companies in the Benelux region. 

5 minutes with Gerben de Haan

In this short interview for Manufacturing Digital (December 2022 edition), AlisQI Co-Founder and CEO Gerben de Haan talks about our vision of smart manufacturing, trends in quality management, and what’s next on the AlisQI agenda.

Regulatory compliance; the good parts

AlisQI CEO, Gerben de Haan, delivered a webinar presentation on the relevance and benefits of regulatory compliance for non-regulated industries. This was part of the LIMS webinar series 2022 by SK Global events. 

Can automation solve the manufacturing paradox?

It’s easy to be enchanted by the promises of new technologies. But how can manufacturers leverage these without the risk of overdoing it? AlisQI CMO Otto de Graaf answers this question in an article for Business Reporter. 

Automation: should manufacturers fight or flight?

Despite its praised benefits, many manufacturers still decide against automation. But does that decision stem from fear? AlisQI Co-founder and CEO Gerben de Haan answers this question and provides a few helpful tips. Listen to his article on Quality Magazine’s podcast. 

A pragmatic approach to sustainability

Manufacturers can benefit from considering sustainability a quality attribute and using this to accelerate their growth. In an article for Quality Digest, AlisQI CMO Otto de Graaf talks about why choosing green is not only the right thing to do but also a potential differentiator.

AlisQI; One platform for all your Quality Management needs

The June edition of Industrial Technology Magazine features a case study about our customer Berry Global, a world leading manufacturer in plastics, packaging and non-woven specialty materials and their use of AlisQI.

Trends in Total Quality Management

How should a manufacturer choose the right Total Quality Management solution? In an article for Quality Magazine, we answer this question and express our views about TQM principles in expanding the role of quality.

QMS system links lab data to paint production

The April edition of LABInsights features a case study about our customer and leading paint manufacturer NelfKoopmans and their use of AlisQI. The magazine also includes an overview of the 2022 LIMS market and services by vendor (this content is in Dutch).

AlisQI proudly receives the FD Gazelle Award

CMO Otto de Graaf proudly received the FD Gazelle Award 2021 which celebrates AlisQI as one of the fastest-growing companies in the Netherlands (this article is in Dutch).

When beginning your digital transformation journey, should you invest in machines or in enabling operators?

In his article for Plant Services, CMO Otto de Graaf looks at how a good quality management system supports manufacturers in making the switch to digital a smooth transition.

How no-code QMS puts the experts in control

Our CEO, Gerben de Haan wrote this article for Smart Industry to explain how a no-code QMS platform puts the experts in control. He talks about the advantages of self-service, the crucial relationship between no-code and buy-in and shares useful recommendations to help manufacturers with their QMS project.

Quality Management: how it’s done using the AlisQI no-code platform

Joined by leading manufacturers Oerlemans Plastics and NelfKoopmans, AlisQI CMO, Otto de Graaf explains the advantages of our smart, no-code platform in RTLZ’s program “How it’s done”.

AlisQI wins the 2021 FD Gazellen Award

Het Financielle Dagblad awarded AlisQI the 2021 FD Gazellen Award for being one of the 691 fastest growing companies in the Netherlands (this article is in Dutch).

AlisQI – a Smart solution for a Smart manufacturer

In his interview with Website Planet, our CEO, Gerben de Haan highlights the beneficial role of AlisQI and why factories should switch to smart manufacturing.

AlisQI recognized for contribution to smart manufacturing

The Future of Manufacturing listed AlisQI in the Industry 4.0 – Reinventing the Factory Stack landscape in the Analytics/Efficiency category.

AlisQI wins badges for its userfriendliness

Review platform Capterra awarded AlisQI the “Best ease of use” badge in the LIMS category for two years in a row.