Quality Control Reporting Dashboard for QC Managers

We help QC Managers to reduce their off-specs in production by up to 15% and make time-savings of up to 20% with smart processes & tools
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With AlisQI we get more information from the data to optimize our processes. This software contains exactly what we need.
QA & ESH Manager Bison International
Ben Lebeau

​Stable processes and products

As a QC manager you contribute to stable and predictable processes and products.

We help QC managers to turn all data from laboratory and production into information and knowledge. This way your team gets valuable input to improve your products and processes.

​With automatic off-spec and out-of-control alarms you will never miss a deviation again. ​This helps you to work together with your team on more stable products and processes, and your First Time Right score will ​increase.

Streamline Quality Control

How much time does your team spend on (mis)communication about measurement data and making reports and graphs?

We help QC managers to improve and streamline their QC processes, communication and reporting. Automatic (non-conformity) notifications, triggers, SPC and Quality Control reporting dashboard ensure that you and your colleagues always know what’s going on.

This way you streamline your Quality Control processes, make time-savings up to 20% on time and work together on a better quality.

5 major benefits for AlisQI QMS software users
AlisQI has improved our processes. We can now react faster and be more alert and do not actually overlook anything anymore.
Production Director Royal VIV Buisman
Marcel de Buijzer
Monitor processes and pinpoint any deviations with AlisQI's off-spec charts
Thanks to AlisQI, our process operators can now control production faster and more accurately than before.
QA & ESH Manager Bison International
Ben Lebeau

SPC on the ​shop floor

Do you use Statistical Process Control in the daily monitoring of your processes? Are you satisfied with the tools you are currently using, or do you find them too complex?

We help QC managers to make SPC accessible on the shop floor. With clear overviews and intuitive tools and alarms that can be understood by everyone. That way you bring SPC to the shop floor.

This allows you to anticipate fluctuations in Quality more quickly. This way you work together with your team on more stable processes and products!