Real-time data on the shop floor to improve efficiency

With AlisQI, you can validate input, collect measurements from a multitude of sources, and link complex workflows to process quality.
Smart alerts
Fully customizable
Unlimited users
Automated workflows

Be in control at all times​

Process visibility is of utmost importance for operators on the production floor. But they can forget about carrying around clipboards and performing data checks around the clock. 

AlisQI enables you to capture data in intuitive dashboards, analyze performance, and intelligently detect deviations by the means of alarms. If you want your processes to run like clockwork, get faster and better in your decision-making, we should talk.

AlisQI QESH management software provides form templates enabling QC managers to make the most out of QESH registrations
man with tablet checking product oerlemans

Going paperless is easy peasy

If the change to digital has you worried, rest assured – it’s not painful at all!

Oerlemans Plastics, a leading manufacturer in the plastics industry is proof that you can easily incorporate innovation and enjoy the benefits of a smart factory even when you’re operating since the 1950s. 

Factory floor operators access real-time information on their tablets, link download screens to the process and procedures in their Document Management System, and are able to create useful instructions.


Working in shifts is also smooth sailing

Looking to automate data exchange between shop floor and other departments? Working in shifts? We’ll empower each user and make data accessible at any time, on any device.

“The staff finds it very easy to work with the platform. This is crucial for co-workers on the production floor, where we work in three shifts. Many people work the day shift and are not on the shop floor at night. But colleagues on the night shift can just continue with the information. AlisQI gives us seamless continuity.” Ruud Nijlant, Site Manager Diversey

QMS from AlisQI allows organizations to have stress free audits and improve the manufacturing performance
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Choose the smart way of handling data

Business logic is a godsend for validation tasks that are a tad bit complicated. Our smart yet easy-to-use solution to handling master data validates if the operator inserted the right input by checking the bar code of the product.

Packaging manufacturer Kompak has recently completed the roll-out of all shop floor controls like visual checks and weight controls, which marked the end of paper-based quality management. This also provided packaging time control and ensured no overlaps after production.

Watch our online demo

AlisQI brings lab results, clear overviews and SPC monitoring to the shop floor and gives operators immediate access to all documents in the quality manual.

In this demo we’ll show you how you can fly through your tasks, ensure that your processes are reliable and do more in less time.