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Don't take our word for it. Read what our customers say on Gartner Peer Insights.
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Read what our customers say

Don't take our word for it. Read what our customers say on Gartner Peer Insights.

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Gerben de Haan11/12/20213 min read

Capterra ‘Best ease of use’ badge for AlisQI for two consecutive years


Capterra Best Ease of Use

We just got some really exciting news: AlisQI has gotten the ‘Best ease of use’ badge in the LIMS category from Capterra!

Capterra is a review platform that assists buyers in selecting the right software for their needs. Software vendors can list their products on Capterra, and users of those products can leave reviews about their experiences with it. This aids buyers in getting objective user-generated information about software products. Capterra is owned by Gartner, a well-known research and advisory company.

The reason we’re excited: our listing on Capterra only went live on May 27th, 2020. That in such a short time we’ve been able to get so many positive reviews to get to pole-position on usability is fantastic confirmation from our loyal customers who have left us all those reviews!

Repeat performance in 2021

In 2021 (about a year later after this article was published), we were happy to be awarded again. The two badges are not identical, but they do say a lot about our software. Capterra-badges-white-bckgr-1024x574

We strive for continuous improvement, but also to achieve omnipresence, and to enable manufacturers with our smart no-code QMS on their digital transformation journey.


It also confirms our belief that usability is a critical component for good quality management. Why? Because good quality management is not limited to the lab or to the quality specialists. In order for quality management to be effective, it must be present throughout the factory: in the lab (obviously), on the factory floor to keep production in check, and in the board room to make sure that what your factory produces aligns with customer expectations.

This means your quality management platform needs to be easy to implement and adapt and can be used by anyone, anywhere. Omnipresence is one of the pillars of our vision, and to support it, we have always invested in usability and will continue to do so.

Digital transformation

But even without omnipresence, even if only lab technicians were our users, even then we would invest heavily in user-friendliness. Smart Factories, Industry 4.0, Quality 4.0, Digital Transformation: all buzzwords that point to the same underlying trend: we use more digital technology every day to perform professional and personal tasks. Factories are no exception to this rule.

And if we use that much technology, it better be easy, or even nice to use. Technology should be there to help you. In many cases though, software adds another layer of complexity to your daily tasks. Software is either not flexible enough to really support the tasks you need to do, or it does so in cumbersome ways.

To combat this, good software needs to do two things:

  • Support your business process rather than force you into a predefined straight-jacket
  • Support you as a user by doing what it does in the most streamlined way

No-code QMS

Our no-code QMS puts quality teams in control and AlisQI customers can do most of the implementation themselves. Of course, we help them to understand what they can do with our software, and we typically take the first steps together. After that, they are pretty much capable of implementing AlisQI by themselves. Our software is flexible so they can adapt it to their own business processes without our involvement.

In addition: we speak with our users on a daily basis. We constantly make changes to the product based on their feedback. It’s one of the things that the reviews on Capterra show: we actually enjoy helping our customers. As one of our customers remarked: ‘The support team of Alis is very helpful and resourceful to find new ways in order to accomplish difficult demands.’ And that’s the best of it all: you don’t need to believe a word of what is written in this blog post. Just go to Capterra and read the reviews for yourself. ☺️

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Gerben de Haan

Chief Product Officer / co-founder at AlisQI