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Candy manufacturing: bliss or horror show?

Diana Avram-Anghel
Diana Avram-Anghel

An ancient Celtic tradition turned event with worldwide recognition. When we think of Halloween, we imagine smiling pumpkins, trick-or-treating, scary movies, and bags filled with lots of candy.

For manufacturers of sweet confections, this is the time to show their greatness – parade new, seasonal products next to classic, all-time favorites. Chocolates, lollipops, bonbons, jellybeans – whatever it may be – to get their treats on the shelves before the end of October, they need to plan ahead, be efficient, and have a tight grip on quality. A smart quality management system like AlisQI can help them become more profitable while navigating challenges and adapting to change.

2021 – another year of fun and frights

Despite major shifts in consumer behavior and the retail landscape due to the pandemic, the confectionery category remained resilient. Even more, according to the National Confectioners Association’s 2021 State of Treating Report, chocolate sales in the US grew by 4.2%, while sales of non-cholate confectionery by 2.9%. Similarly, Europe registered slow growth, impacted by the ongoing pandemic.

Compared to previous years, the market faced issues on the supply side concerning quality and certification. Looking ahead, reforms to meet targets on health and climate, stricter legislation for front-of-package labeling, and the need to comply with the ‘Better for you’ or ‘Free from’ labels are just a few of the challenges that may restrict growth. But, like a wise man said, “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” Our QMS software allows you to do more with the same resources and supports your focus on continuous improvement.

No skeletons in the closet

AlisQI helps manufacturing companies by automating processes – like for example, production line checks, cleaning registrations, and hygiene records. That means they can forget about clicking through Excel tabs to dig up information while feeling time-starved performing their daily routine.

Using our software, food & beverages manufacturers can create product specification sheets, that are automatically compiled with ingredient declarations, and comprehensive information on nutritional value and allergens. This way, they can improve their quality management, ensure regulatory compliance, and save time connecting data with the supplier database.

A QMS that’s optimized for manufacturing will pull up real-time data, give users full control, and make processes completely transparent.


Seasonal demand plays a major part in confectionery sales. And, even if trick-or-treating from door-to-door may be out of the question in 2021, over Halloween manufacturers can boost their sales. But are they prepared to face the changes in their industry? By investing in quality, they can ward off variation, ensure regulatory compliance, while improving their ways of offering the sweetest treats.

As scary as this may sound, there are still many manufacturers who rely on Excel to collect and extract data and perform their analyses. But when you want to be an innovator and surprise customers with new seasonal treats, time is of the essence. Learn about automation and boosting overall quality by requesting an online demo.