Smart quality platform for manufacturing

Save up to 20% on time, increase the quality level and reduce waste by up to 15% with our Quality Management Software

AlisQI is responsive

Three pillars of integrated Quality Management

Insights into your products & processes

Collect all your data in one Quality Control (QC) system. Our Statistical Process Control (SPC) analytics will let you learn from your own data.

Quality manuals people actually use

Give operators access to documents when they need them. Simplify document management with clear flow charts and automated
version control.

Make QESH actionable and smart

Streamline all your incident and CAPA management processes. Define your own processes and forms, and let the system guide your team.

One platform for all your Quality Management needs

While all manufacturers aim for continuous improvement, making quality part of an organization’s culture is no easy task. It usually involves an amount of time and patience that few of us can afford these days. This becomes even more challenging when dealing with inefficient processes, fragmented information, stressful audits, and lack of insight. 

This is why we created a tool designed to automate routine tasks, eliminate variation, reduce waste and make quality accessible throughout the organization. Introducing AlisQI, a no-code Quality Management System, that helps manufacturers work smarter. 

AlisQi is Multistage platform

Benefits of No-code Quality Management

  • Leverage an integrated platform for QC / QA / QESH rather than multiple systems
  • Eliminate all your Excel files and shared folders
  • Bring data to life with our built-in SPC toolbox, smart alarms, and advanced analytics
  • Mold the system to your business processes, not the other way around
  • Respond faster to changing requirements and regulations
  • Easily implement and manage AlisQI without input from IT
  • Build your own integrations with API and webhooks
  • Enjoy full mobility, AlisQI works on any device
  • Advance your Quality Management within a week
  • Build a culture of quality, our license is for unlimited users
  • Focus on improvement, for manufacturing companies of any size

Is a no-code QMS the right fit for your organization?

Find out more about the benefits of AlisQI and the ways it could help your organization from the people who use it. Read what our customers have to say on Capterra.