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Save up to 20% on time, increase the quality level and reduce waste by up to 15% with our Quality Management Software
AlisQI, a QMS software that is omnipresent from the factory floor to boardroom

An integrated view on modern Quality Management

Good Quality Management is about making life easier. It helps manufacturers with ‘business as usual’ but also when incidents occur. At the same time, it helps to run a profitable production process and comply with regulations and quality standards.

Imagine that when your production staff enters Quality Control (QC) data, it is immediately notified of deviations. Within the deviation alarm, they can compare the QC data with the specification and directly consult instructions to learn how they need to respond. They can also trigger a predefined Out of Control Action Plan (OCAP) so no time is lost.

For incidents, they can trigger a QESH process directly from within their QC entry screens. The QESH process itself is linked to the documentation so that every step in the process is clear and documented with visual flow charts. Retests can be triggered from within the QESH process. And dashboards and KPIs are available across QA, QC, and QESH processes, so you get a good overview of where to improve performance.

A modern, integrated Quality Management System is designed to make life easy, not harder.

One platform for all your Quality Management needs

AlisQI is a no-code Quality Management System (QMS) that combines Quality Control, SPC, a document management system, and QESH Management into a single platform. A single platform for Quality Intelligence has the following benefits:

  • Integrated: no need to set up and integrate separate QC, Document Management, and QESH systems
  • Easy to use: one integrated system to learn and use rather than multiple systems and logins
  • Grow as you go: start in one area and expand in others as your maturity grows
  • Data-driven: having all data in one platform gives you better insights into your quality performance
  • Seamless: anything related to quality in a single place means audits and deviations can be dealt with swiftly
Unlimited users

Boost awareness, involvement and ownership

All your people are involved with quality somehow. Everyone should have access to the relevant quality documentation, data and tools. That is what AlisQI enables. Our license with unlimited users helps you to boost quality awareness, involvement and ownership throughout your business.

AlisQI quality management software enables your quality control lab to work efficiently without using Excel

Live within days

No-code Quality Management enables you to go live in just a few days.

AlisQI – cloud-based QMS Software is designed to be implemented and maintained by the production or quality department, not by IT experts.

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