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AlisQI is now available in more languages

Gerben de Haan
Gerben de Haan

At AlisQI, we are proud to serve customers around the globe. Our users can be found on every continent. And we strive to make AlisQI feel like a domestic app for as many users as we can. This is an ongoing effort. 

It’s our ambition to be a key player and leader in the QMS market around the world. Ease of use and ease of implementation are some of our key differentiators, and localization is an important feature of this usability.

To that end, we recently added language packs for German and Spanish to better support our customers in all regions using these languages. This means AlisQI is now available in 5 languages: English, Dutch, German, Greek, and Spanish. In addition, we are planning to add more language in upcoming releases.

AlisQI languages

Quick adoption, improved interaction

While you could argue that some languages are now the ‘lingua franca’ of business, it is important that AlisQI offers an immersive user experience for each and every end user. That means providing our software in as many languages as possible so that everyone from factory workers to supervisors can have the easiest experience possible with our solution.

Checking these boxes, too, means quicker and easier adoption for companies implementing AlisQI. While the software has an intuitive UI that lends itself to quick and easy adoption, that process can only be more streamlined when workers are interacting with AlisQI in their own languages.

AlisQI users can also manage their personal localization settings in the app to ensure that it aligns with other geographical issues, including time zone, date format, and work week.

Localization in AlisQI

Today, business is international. At AlisQI we want to ensure that every one of our end users has the most integrated experience with our app possible.

To learn more about our no-code QMS, visit our product section. Reach out and request a demo to discuss your needs and AlisQI’s capabilities in full detail.