Proud to serve customers on six continents

In February this year, we started our first project in Africa. That project marked the milestone of AlisQI users on five continents.
Since then we have been celebrating new projects in The Netherlands, China, and Germany.

Last week we could celebrate our next milestone: The first AlisQI users in Oceania!
This means we now serve customers on all six continents.

The AlisQI team is very proud of this achievement. However, we’re not there yet. We continue developing the product and the company.

We strive to surprise our customers every day with the power and simplicity of our platform. We make Quality Management more fun with the clear and intuitive screens of AlisQI. Together with our customers, we develop our platform every single day. All this to make their quality smart and omnipresent.

About AlisQI

AlisQI is an easy to implement and integrate, flexible, and cloud based Quality Management platform. We enable manufacturing companies to make their Quality Management data driven, automated, and omnipresent. More than 70 factories worldwide use our platform for Quality Control, Quality Assurance, and QESH management. We help our customers to reduce waste by up to 15%, increase their quality level and save up to 20% on time.

We are proud to serve customers on all six continents, ranging from startup to Fortune500. We have yet to lose a customer. Our customers can be found in just about any manufacturing vertical: Chemicals, Personal Hygiene, Food & Beverage, Automotive and Manufacturing.

We are a Dutch company, founded in 2002. We serve customers on all six continents and have a lot of experience in remote software implementations and customer support. Ease of implementation is frequently praised by our customers.

AlisQI a low-consultancy approach to implementation | Download AlisQI Whitepaper

A low-consultancy approach

We are very good at what we do, but when it comes to your organization and your Quality Management, the expert can only be you. We empower the quality department to implement and maintain AlisQI themselves.

This whitepaper presents our unique low consulting approach.