Manufacturing companies: hold all the aces with smart quality

Whether you’re in bio tech, automotive, mechanical engineering or any other industry with standardized products and complex workflows, we can take your manufacturing processes to the next level. Reduce waste by up to 15% and save up to 20% on time. Our unique mix of Quality Control, QESH Management and Document Management ensures excellence and fits factories of all types and sizes.

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Quality is team play. Let’s team up!

Forget about the pain of fragmented information, time-consuming analyses, and manual comparisons. AlisQI enables you to automate time-consuming tasks, intelligently detect deviations, and focus on continuous improvement. If you want to jazz up your manufacturing processes and learn about the multiple ways in which your company could leverage AlisQI, we should talk.

Mechanical engineering: make processes run like clockwork

”We have more information that we can share more quickly because we use the AlisQI tool. Getting the data and making it available used to be a lot more time-consuming. What we have now in terms of reporting is more extensive and insightful, and we know exactly where our weak spots are. Before, all our data were quantitative”, Geert Segers, QHSE Manager Lamers HTS”.

Automotive: get into the driver’s seat, boost quality

”Before AlisQI, my lab technicians got no warnings when they entered deviating data. They also had to compare measurements manually with specifications on a separate sheet”, Craig Lees, Laboratory Team Leader Autoliv Inc.

Bio tech: get the bugs out of production

”With microbiology you use exceptionally large numbers, quickly moving into the billions. This requires the kind of scientific notation, which was still to be implemented in AlisQI, but is now available as standard to all users”, Andre Bloem, Head of QA/QC Laboratory Koppert Biological Systems

Take quality management up a notch

Manufacturers in various industries are enjoying the flexibility of our integrated, online platform which turns data into insights. Don’t take our word for it, read what our customers have to say.