Cloud-Based Quality Management System for QA Managers

We help QA Managers to get a tighter grip on quality, save up to 20% of time and have no stress around audits.
AlisQI cloud based QMS software for QA Managers
Smart alerts
Fully customizable
Unlimited users
Automated workflows
AlisQI quality management software enables your quality control lab to work efficiently without using Excel

More grip on quality

Quality is achieved by teamwork. How do you as a QA manager ensure that everyone knows their role? And how do you ensure that you know the current state of affairs? AlisQI helps you to make QHSE processes clear, measurable and transparent.

Easily build your own Quality platform, with your own forms, workflows, overviews and KPIs. In this way you ensure that your colleagues know what is expected of them. And you always see the status of your QA processes.

This gives you a better grip on quality.

Time-savings of up to 20%

Do you feel like wasting time on your weekly and monthly quality reports? Or with chasing colleagues for their input in QHSE reports? Then you are certainly not the only one.

We help you to automate these routine tasks.  You set up the workflows just once and let the cloud-based Quality Management System do the work for you. Standardized overviews, reports and KPIs take a lot of work off your hands.

This way you free up time that you can invest in the content analysis. This raises your quality level.

AlisQI cloud based quality management system free you from using Excel
Create quality control charts with just one click with AlisQI quality management software
We can say that AlisQI has helped us to a higher level of product and work quality.
Production Director Royal VIV Buisman
Marcel de Buijzer

Quality to a higher level

In many organizations, Quality Management still doesn’t seem to be a very high priority. Everyone knows that it can be done better and it should be done better. But taking real steps often turns out to be difficult.

As QA manager, you grasp the problems better than anyone else. We help QA managers to raise the quality level in their organization.

With one system for all quality information, manuals and analysis tools, we make quality accessible to the entire organization. Smart and clear overviews make it understandable for everyone.

This way we improve quality awareness and the involvement of your people, taking your quality management to the next level.

Audits without stress

We help QA managers to experience less stress around audits. Simple presentation of the relevant documents in every step of the process, no dead links in your handbooks, overviews and reports always up-to-date, active workflows & reminders that ensure that nothing goes unnoticed.

In this way your organization gets a firmer grip on quality and you can tackle the audits with perfect peace of mind.

AlisQI, a QMS software that is omnipresent from the factory floor to boardroom

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AlisQI gives Quality Control a boost.

In this demo we show you how AlisQI enables you to register, analyze and report all your quality data with one system.

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