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Read what our customers say

Don't take our word for it. Read what our customers say on Gartner Peer Insights.

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A day in the life of a Content creator at AlisQI

At the end of a busy week, we caught up with Diana Avram-Anghel, AlisQI’s Content Marketer. Diana’s role is to ensure that the company’s manufacturing customers -and importantly, their prospective customers- understand the different ways in which AlisQI can help them to become increasingly efficient as they transform their operations and adapt to the market’s changing needs.

It soon becomes clear that Diana’s role is an evolving one and she enjoys its challenges. Her enthusiasm for working in the AlisQI team is also very apparent.
When did you leave school and what has been your career path so far?

When I finished school in Romania, my focus was writing but I was unsure how I would use it professionally. I loved languages and studied English and German as these are important business languages back home. Then, I decided to continue my studies with psychology. 

I travelled to Amsterdam on holiday and fell in love with the city. I loved its energy and how cosmopolitan it was and decided it was the perfect place to live. When I first moved to the city, I worked in several freelance roles while studying for a Master’s Degree in Communication. Once I completed my studies and an internship in writing and editing, I accepted a first job in marketing.  

For about five years, I focused on B2B articles, reports, press releases, and marketing campaigns that taught me how to engage with different audiences. Because I wanted to explore my creativity, for the two years that followed, I went back to working as a freelancer. I challenged myself with fictional stories, rewriting fairy tales, and adapting myths for podcasts and apps. While I enjoyed the freedom of freelancing, I also missed being part of a team – that’s when I learned about the marketing vacancy at AlisQI. 

What appealed to you about the job with AlisQI?

From the start, AlisQI struck me as being a very different type of company –  one that truly values its employees. I had been concerned that I would lose the individualism I had enjoyed as a freelancer. But from day one I found that everyone was very approachable and liked you to speak up and give your opinions and I have never felt intimidated in any way. 

How long have you been with the company?

I joined AlisQI in January 2021 and it’s been great to work with like-minded people and to feel part of Team AlisQI 

What attracted you to the role?

The role seemed out of my comfort zone which made it interesting and appealing. Sure, I’ve worked in marketing before, but no two industries are completely alike.. I liked the fact that I would be a quality advocate, helping manufacturers to be more efficient, profitable, and smart. I knew that I would be able to write plenty of articles, put together campaigns, and work on diverse marketing materials that show that quality management is a cornerstone for the factory of the future.  

Please describe your marketing role.

My role is an evolving one as the marketing department continues to grow. At present, there are three of us and I am currently recruiting several freelancers to write articles for me. This will involve mentoring them to ensure that their work emphasises the many ways in which manufacturing companies can leverage our QMS software as well as the unique character and approachability of the company.  While they are writing, I will be able to focus on building new media relationships and also to explore what other mediums could be really effective marketing tools. It’s also about finding a balance between what works and what doesn’t for our marketing, deciding when it’s time to introduce something new and a whole lot of writing/editing.  

What skills do you think are vital to your job?

For my role, it’s very important to understand the AlisQI customer, communicate with them clearly and provide them with solutions. I am a very creative person, and this attribute helps me approach challenges creatively and hopefully, makes our marketing stand out.  

What type of person suits your job best?

I am a ‘people person’ and enjoy talking with colleagues and receiving their feedback about articles I have written. They can tell me about our customers and particular problems that we have helped them to solve, and this gives me great material for future articles. Being a perfectionist is a definite plus as attention to detail is very important.   

How do your days/ weeks vary?

No two days are completely alike. I enjoy tackling different projects, trying out new things and learning from what we’ve done. A as the marketing department evolves, we are expanding to new regions, and exploring additional ways to start/continue the communication with our target audience. 

Do you still undergo training or train others?

Marketing is a very fast changing sector, so I keep myself abreast of all the new ideas. At present, I am working with new freelance writers to ensure that we are all ‘singing from the same hymn sheet’ in our articles.  

Although I am 12 months in now, I learn new things every day. I write technical articles I never imagined I could write. I get to be creative, experiment and grow in a role that is never boring. 

Do you work remotely or in an office?

I am working remotely but am in constant contact with my colleagues. The company also meets once per month in a ‘Work Together Day’. This is when we all share ideas, discuss projects, and customer feedback. I am attending these meetings because the topics discussed and the opportunity to bounce ideas off each other proved invaluable to my work. 

AlisQI likes team players, do you feel part of the team?

I have felt part of the team and supported by all members since my first day. I realised the true value of this  right at the start of my journey with AlisQI when I had to take time out for family reasons. The warmth that was shown to me by staff members I barely knew was so touching and made me feel that I am really valued.  

How does the company differ from others that you have worked for?

Working for AlisQI has surpassed all my expectations because everyone is so friendly and supportive. Everyone is happy to give you time to discuss ideas and I feel that I am really making a valuable contribution.  

What is the company’s work culture like?

Staff members at AlisQI are very professional. They really care about the company’s customers and are happy to go the extra mile to help them. Their upbeat and very positive approach is inspiring and spurs me on to discover new ways to market the company. 

What aspects of your job do you find particularly rewarding?

My job can be very challenging and is a fast- changing one. I feel proud when our customers read our marketing materials, when magazines recognize our thought leadership and want to publish about us and when our content is liked and shared. I am also very happy when my articles result in demonstration requests or other enquiries from potential new customers – I consider that a job well done! 

What has surprised you about this job?

After many years as a freelancer, I am surprised and delighted by how much I enjoy working with like-minded people. 

What do you look forward to most each day when you begin work?

Each day is different, and I love finding new innovative ways that capture the many benefits of choosing a no-code platform like AlisQI– it’s great!