About AlisQI

AlisQI is the no-code Quality Management system for manufacturing. We empower manufacturing companies to transform their operations with easy-to-implement, cloud-based software. This data-driven approach to Quality Management allows manufacturers to unlock their factory’s full potential, and become more profitable, smart, and fully integrated.

A 2-man project grown to transform the factory of the future

Who doesn’t like a big idea that started small? We certainly do – before they founded AlisQI, Gerben and Jeroen were college classmates. One day they were asked by a chemicals company to create a lightweight QMS as an alternative to Excel and the expensive LIMS systems already available on the market.

This gave them the big idea – a quality management system for manufacturing – one that users could configure and customize themselves. This QMS would not only lower costs but also provide flexibility because, with DIY implementation, manufacturers didn’t rely on a small army of consultants. 

For their idea to work, our founders spoke with Plant Managers, Quality Control Managers, Quality Assurance Managers, and Quality Engineers almost every day. They learned about their pains, challenges, and what was needed to make processes more efficient. They put their heads together and with this valuable feedback, the first version of AlisQI was born.  

Capterra badges 2020-2021

User-friendly quality management

Since the beginning in 2004, AlisQI grew into a smart QMS solution awarded for its ease of use.

With the flexibility of no-code, manufacturers can define their quality processes, implement, and manage the application – whether they have an IT background or not. The results? 15% waste reduction, 20% time savings, full control, quick onboarding, and – most importantly – a tighter grip on quality!

Growing with our customers

Today, more than 100 factories worldwide use our platform for Quality Control, Quality Assurance, and QESH management. We serve customers on all continents from ambitious small- and mid-size businesses to Fortune500 companies. We are proud of our Dutch roots and how we grew AlisQI to also be available in Chinese, Dutch, English, German, Greek, and Spanish. And our story doesn’t stop here! Together with our customers, we continue to improve AlisQI every single day.

AlisQI is responsive

AlisQI - A diverse and inclusive workplace

With two engineers as founders, we still have a tech-first culture. We are committed to a diverse, inclusive, and harassment-free workplace, which extends to all interactions with the AlisQI community, including customers, third parties, and partners. For us, a healthy work environment is one where everyone is respected, welcome, and included.

To create and maintain this culture of respect, we composed a code of conduct that lays out our expectations and outlines a process for anyone to raise concerns about behavior. This code of conduct is published here.


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If you want to be part of our ambitious, international team and help manufacturers boost their quality management, keep an eye out for new Job openings

100% remote

As cloud pioneers, we virtualized our own company as well. The AlisQI team works remotely. Clear communication and various tools enable us to cooperate very efficiently. This allows all of us to create the perfect work-life balance but still operate as a team. Our experience with remote work is very valuable in the projects we do around the globe. There is no need for expensive business trips if you know how to cooperate remotely.

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