API to build your own integrations

AlisQI is a modern, cloud-based Quality Management System that is designed to fit into a bigger IT infrastructure.

Our API lets you develop your own integrations. Think about integrating your QMS with your ERP, MES, PLM, instruments, sensors or website.

Alis Quality Intelligence

Example use cases

The AlisQI API has many applications, we are often suprised by the integrations our customers build. Use cases of the AlisQI API include:

  • Master data from ERP to AlisQI
  • Manufacturing orders from ERP to AlisQI
  • Batch release from AlisQI to ERP
  • Specification management (from PLM to AlisQI)
  • Quality Data download to ERP or data warehouse
  • Instrument, sensor or SCADA integration

Berry Global integrated AlisQI with WinCC with just 10 lines of code


Bi-directional integration with AlisQI API


The AlisQI API is based on JSON over HTTPS GET/POST.

Since the AlisQI data model is fully customizable, users can create their own forms and workflows, the API is dynamic as well. AlisQI offers a dynamic API documentation in the application. This dynamic documentation describes all parameters and fields in great detail, including request and response examples.

Code examples on GitHub

System integration by JSON over HTTPS with AlisQI API management software



The AlisQI API uses tokens for authentication (authToken). All tokens are linked to exactly one user account. Every user account can have multiple tokens. Permissions for tokens are derived from the related user group. This allows for very granular permission management per integration.

Download API documentation


AlisQI Quality Intelligence software provides quality control lab without excel


Workflows and webhooks

To support bi-directional integrations, the user defined workflows can call webhooks. These webhooks enable you to trigger processes, both within AlisQI or in external systems. The payload in these webhook calls is user defined and can contain all fields from the AlisQI process forms, as well as any other static values.

Read our documentation on Message Rules and webhooks in the knowledge base for more information


AlisQI Quality Intelligence software enables bi-directional integration with workflows



Professional SaaS solution

AlisQI is a 100% cloud based SaaS solution, with a license model designed to keep your IT spend under control.

If you need to know more about how we handle security, data processing and management, business continuity and disaster recovery and many more IT essentials, download our whitepaper 'Software as a Service Platform & Security'. If you want to know more technical information, browse around in our knowledge base.

Help Center

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Download AlisQI Whitepaper | AlisQI SaaS platform and security

The AlisQI SaaS platform and security

This whitepaper describes the AlisQI Software as a Service platform. In it, the architecture, security measures and procedures, privacy and service level are discussed.

Download your copy here.

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