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Read what our customers say

Don't take our word for it. Read what our customers say on Gartner Peer Insights.

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From paper registrations to ready-to-use QMS
Diana Avram03/14/20242 min read

Primus Wafer Paper: quick implementation and AlisQI launch before scheduled kick-off

Primus Wafer Paper: quick implementation and AlisQI launch before scheduled kick-off

PrimusAs the world market leader for wafer paper, Primus Wafer Paper demands top-notch quality as well as the highest standards for their data and systems. When introduced to AlisQI, the manufacturer saw just how beneficial the smart quality management system could be in their own environment. It was then and there that they decided to speed up implementation. Primus Wafer Paper launched AlisQI before the scheduled kick-off – and was able to do so mostly on their own. This article focuses on this impressive achievement.

From paper registrations to ready-to-use QMS

Before the change to digital, Primus Wafer Paper collected data based on paper registrations. And, even though this had been the traditional way to operate, the need to professionalize data collection as well as to improve access to data within the organization was always felt.

A short demo with AlisQI later and the team at Primus Wafer Paper understood that changing to a QMS simplified this process greatly. Using the smart system, registrations became much easier, data could be accessed immediately, plus they could visualize it for all employees. This also translated into improved quality and significant time savings.

‘The advantage of AlisQI is that the process is simplified. Registrations are now easier and faster and it’s no longer necessary to figure out someone's handwriting.’ Arletta Leeuwrik, QA/QA Manager

A smooth transition coupled with improvements in daily operations

From their first introduction to AlisQI, the team at Primus Wafer Paper saw the many possibilities that came with the system. Still, changing to digital was a big change both for the company and its employees. The transition needed to be smooth. “We wanted to test a large part of what was shown (in the demo) in our production facility and understand how it could work for us,” Arletta explains.

It all started with one process, which confirmed that AlisQI was easy to use and gave them the confidence to launch the system on their own. Primus Wafer Paper went live before the scheduled kick-off. From this first step, they started building, eager to pave the way towards continuous improvement. “Introducing the colleagues in the factory to the new system also went smoothly. So, we implemented the system immediately in a few key locations,” she added.

After implementing the smart QMS, the team noticed some significant improvements in their daily operations. When asked about these, Arletta mentioned upgraded traceability, and improved communication due to automated workflows. On top of this, the system offers better insights, telling the team everything they need to know about the direction they are taking.

By implementing AlisQI and through the above-mentioned changes, Primus Wafer Paper has taken the first steps in their digital journey. The team is looking forward to unlocking more exciting capabilities AlisQI has to offer.

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Diana Avram

Marketing & Media