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Read what our customers say

Don't take our word for it. Read what our customers say on Gartner Peer Insights.

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André Bloem05/11/20232 min read

Cosun Beet Company: reduced processing time with predictive calculations

One of the first AlisQI customers to enjoy the benefits of the new expression engine functions is Cosun Beet Company. One of the most efficient sugar producers in Europe, Cosun Beet Company operates six sugar beet processing plants, producing sugar and sugar specialties in the Netherlands and Germany.


Why Cosun Beet Company chose AlisQI to perform advanced calculations

Cosun Beet Company converts sugar to a form which can be processed better. Yet monitoring conversion used to be a challenge – and had to be followed carefully. On top of that, in-between tests had to be performed every 30 minutes. Based on the test results, the quality team created a graph with two lines, one decreasing (the sugar) and one increasing (the product). At the cross point, where the two lines intersect, the reaction had to be stopped. This was done in order to get the best quality result. With the new AlisQI expression engine function, the quality team can easily make this prediction enjoying incredible precision.

Excel graph invert time vs concentration

Figure 1: Excel graph showing the conversion process 

Before taking this step, Cosun Beet Company was using Excel. While Excel helped to create a visualization of the conversion process, it did not provide a clear prediction of the reaction time. The organization was relying on a manual decision rather than an automated, calculated process. Predicting the time point for stopping the reaction was a ‘’best guess’’ scenario rather than a decision substantiated by data. 

The AlisQI expression engine: why should you use it?

The AlisQI expression engine has many applications and is very dynamic. Combined with the workflows, it allows you to create data logic, automate data processing and interpretation within AlisQI. 

In this blog post, Cosun Beet Company shares how they have been using the expression engine as well as their experience with the new functions. But before we go deeper into their story, let’s look at some of the most common use cases. Manufacturers use the AlisQI expression engine to: 
•    Perform smart calculations with numeric functions
•    Compute date/time differences
•    Run text functions and other advanced possibilities in their calculations
•    Use calculated fields in their analytics, workflows and reporting 
•    Lookup master data and product data
•    Calculate linear regression and correlations between data points (new)

Precise Math and no approximations 

Cosun Beet Company used the AlisQI expression engine for all the standard functions and use cases mentioned above. With the new expression engine functions SLOPE(), INTERCEPT() and CORRELATION (), they quickly realized that AlisQI can help in the conversion process and easily perform the Math. The time of the intersect becomes a clear, straightforward number that helps in their decision-making. 

Linear regression calculation

Figure 2: Linear regression calculation


Now they are able to calculate the reaction time but also to predict an end time for stopping the reaction. AlisQI also enables them to add a smart alarm that alerts the organization when the end-time has been reached.

Estimated end time calculation

Figure 3: Estimated end time calculation



The expression engine is a versatile tool that enables quality teams to create business logic, automate data processing and interpretation within AlisQI. The new functions that we’ve added in this development cycle support users and significantly reduce the effort of writing expressions. The experience of Cosun Beet Company teaches us that by the means of the expression engine, quality teams can be more precise with calculations while enjoying significant time savings.
Do you want to learn more about the AlisQI expression engine and the advantages that this can bring to your organization? Please feel free to reach out and discuss your case.

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André Bloem

Customer Success Manager