Quality Management Software for  IT Managers

AlisQI is a modern, cloud based Quality Management platform that is designed to fit into a bigger IT infrastructure.

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Alis Quality Intelligence

Eliminate Excel files or in-house systems

We all know how cumbersome Quality Management can become when the tools you use are Excel or Quality Management Systems that were built in-house. Users frequently build these systems themselves, but will run to IT when there are problems that will ultimately affect the business.

Replacing non-standard IT solutions is one of the key requirements for IT to fully support the business. AlisQI is the swiss army knife for Quality Management. Users can create as many forms and tables as they need in one simple to use system, while you keep control over the IT environment.

AlisQI cloud based IT quality management system for IT Managers



Modern APIs that integrate into your environment

No IT system is standalone. Integrating with for example an ERP system helps the business to only define master data once, and use it in the quality management processes. Similarly, being able to use your existing user authentication system simplifies IT operations.

Our Quality Management software has a standards based, modern API, and integrates with Single Sign On (SSO) solutions. 

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AlisQI IT quality management software provides modern API to integrate QMS in your environment


100% cloud and blazingly fast

AlisQI runs in any modern browser on any device and is blazingly fast. There is no need to install any software, all you need is a modern browser and a network connection. We take care of the hosting, updates and security. Speed and low network load are key concerns in all our technical developments.

The speed of AlisQI surprises us every time. Just log in, and all data is right in front of you.

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Live within days

Our unique low consultancy approach enables you to go live in just a few days.

AlisQI - Cloud-based QMS Software is designed to be implemented and maintained by the production or quality department, not by IT experts. Automations for example can be built by end users. This means you don't need to spend your scarce IT resources on application management.

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Professional SaaS solution

AlisQI is a 100% cloud based SaaS solution, with a license model designed to keep your IT spend under control.

If you need to know more about how we handle security, data processing and management, business continuity and disaster recovery and many more IT essentials, download our whitepaper 'Software as a Service Platform & Security'. If you want to know more technical information, browse around in our knowledge base.

Knowledge base

AlisQI IT quality management software Knowledge Base
Download Whitepaper The AlisQI SaaS platform and security

The AlisQI SaaS platform and security

This whitepaper describes the AlisQI Software as a Service platform. In it, the architecture, security measures and procedures, privacy and service level are discussed.

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