Five SPC mistakes that you do not need to make

In the past years, we spoke with Plant Managers, Quality Control Managers, Quality Assurance Managers, and Quality Engineers almost every day. We helped them to improve their Quality Management and Quality Control processes. They shifted from ad hoc and isolated to smart and omnipresent.

Many of these conversations touched upon the topic of their experiences with Statistical Process Control (SPC). SPC is an important instrument in making production and quality processes smart.

We often hear the same issues and mistakes regarding SPC. We want to help you to avoid them. That is why we composed this document, in which we discuss five of the most common mistakes made while implementing SPC. Be aware and benefit from the lessons learned by others.

The five expensive mistakes you can avoid are:

  • Capability over stability
  • Validate and manage your measurements
  • Specification limits are no control limits
  • Misleading charts
  • Too many triggers and alerts
Five SPC mistakes you do not need to make | Download AlisQI Whitepaper