Quality Management Vendor Selection Toolkit

Selecting a Quality Management System (QMS) may not sound too complicated. However, in this fast moving world where both technology and regulations develop with the speed of light, things are a bit more complicated than one might think. You want to select a QMS that is helpful today, but also supports your team and organization in the transition to tomorrow’s quality management.

So why should you take our word for this? We are a QMS provider after all. Well, we didn’t come up with all these requirements by ourselves. We composed this guide by going through 15+ years of RFI / RFP documents provided to us by your quality management peers. Hopefully you can learn from their input.

To help you in the vendor selection process, we’ve prepared two resources for you:

How to run a QMS selection project

A framework for the selection process of a new a QMS or LIMS solution.


The QMS vendor selection tool

An Excel sheet to help you run the selection process of new Quality Management software. It follows the framework outlined in our whitepaper.