AlisQI: A low-consultancy approach to implementation

We are very good at what we do, but when it comes to your organization and your Quality Management, the expert can only be you. This is no more than common sense, yet many
software projects seem to take the expertise away from where it belongs - with the end-user. We empower the quality department to implement and maintain their software themselves.

Ease and speed of implementation is one of the ways in which AlisQI worked out its philosophy in practice. Our software is highly flexible, highly configurable which means it can be customised
to meet an organization’s exact requirements without the circus and expense of a huge consultancy project.

The features of this low consultancy model boil down to five benefits:

  1. It saves money
  2. It brings greater flexibility
  3. Projects are completed quicker
  4. Greater security
  5. Focus on our core business

This document will learn you all about how our software, projects and license model help you in migrating towards quality intelligence.

Alis QMS low consultancy approach