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6 new features to deliver quality and off-the-shelf compliance

Gerben de Haan
Gerben de Haan

In our last blog, we looked at how manufacturers can ensure compliance while maintaining their pragmatic approach and competitiveness. We briefly discussed the risks of non-compliance and offered four helpful tips to motivate employees to work more compliantly. 

Today’s article highlights six new features that allow AlisQI customers to improve process adherence, reduce the impact of audits, and seamlessly incorporate compliance requirements into their quality operation.

Compliance - present in every step of the process

At AlisQI we are committed to offering the world’s most flexible and easy-to-use QMS for manufacturing. We know that every process is unique so we developed a no-code QMS that you can tailor to fit your business.

In our vision, there should be no trade-off between compliance and efficiency. Compliance is a hygiene factor that should be present in every step of the process, at no cost in terms of process efficiency or effectiveness. That’s what we call off-the-shelf compliance.

Processes that clearly make sense, are easy to follow, and are guided by tools will have a higher process adherence. This will reduce the number of deviations, thereby improving a factory’s yield while improving customer satisfaction. The increased process adherence will reduce stress around audits, as working compliantly becomes the modus operandi.

AlisQI: new off-the-shelf compliance features

In this current development cycle, the AlisQI product team will be adding six new off-the-shelf compliance features:

  • Document training
    Ensure people are continuously trained in the SOPs and can easily access work instructions relevant to their jobs. This will help operators make better decisions faster, without the need for specialists telling them what to do.
  • eSignatures
    Embed explicit and authorized approval in your business processes and workflows with eSignatures. These require re-authentication to validate one’s identity when signing off on processes or records and guarantee that the approval is trustworthy. eSignature fields can be added to any Quality Control or QESH form via the Form Editor.
  • Traceability engine
    Connect process steps to create traceability chains in your quality operation. Embed business logic to make the traceability context-aware. Making processes and all the steps involved more transparent also allows employees to prioritize better and address issues.
  • Batch records
    Use the traceability chain collected during production to roll up the batch record, collecting full details of all upstream process steps and quality data related to a particular batch. This allows to zoom in and improves access to information.
  • Document approval flows
    Define custom approval flows for every document in the quality manual to outline each process step and ensure easy completion.
  • Software Validation
    A dedicated deployment model that supports manufacturers who need to comply with software validation requirements. This includes bundled updates, permanent validation, and sneak-preview installations as well as validation accelerators (User Requirements Specification, Requirements Traceability Matrix, Installation Qualification Report, Configuration Specification Report).

By adding these capabilities to the AlisQI no-code Quality Management System, we enable our customers to seamlessly incorporate compliance requirements into their quality operation. This will improve process adherence, reduce the impact of audits, and make compliance a smooth ride.

Curious to learn more about the above-mentioned features? Would you like to see our product in action? Schedule a demo following the link below.